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2015 Project with Chimore community

We worked with the newly-formed University of Toronto chapter for our 2015 footbridge! This collaboration means our travel team was comprised of members from both chapters. This tag-along will helped UofT start off their own independant chapter to spread the great work B2P allows us to do around the globe.

For the 2015 build, we worked alongside the Chimore community in Bolivia. This footbridge serves over 500 people and allows access to schools, local and farther markets and medical facilities. The children are now able to attend schools in the small town of Chimore, and the farmers are able to access markets, as the main economy of the region is agriculture and fish-farming. Lastly, the communities have essential access to medical facilities located in Chimore and hospitals located in La Paz and Cochabamba.

It was impossible to cross the river in the flood season, especially during the rainy season, which lasts about around 5 months each year from January to May.

The travel team for the 2015 Chimore project was Marianne Baucas, Kevin Honsberger, Diana Vald├ęs Valle, Kunjan Mehta, Kathy Lin, Emma Inacio, He He (UofT), and Brandon Jacobs (UofT).


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