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The University of Waterloo Bridges to Prosperity (UW B2P) is a student run chapter under the international, non-profit organization, Bridges to Prosperity. Founded in September 2013 by a group of passionate students, we are the first university chapter in Canada. Our chapter is comprised of approximately 15 students and is mentored by our faculty advisor, Dr. Chris Bachmann.

Our team has internal and external members, where our external members are individuals who act as mentors for our projects. There are two internal sub-teams: A Stream and B Stream. The division is dictated by the terms in which the team is on-campus (during their study terms).

Meet the Team

B-Stream Chapter Members

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Kevin Honsberger
Team Lead

Kevin is in his third year of Civil Engineering. He seeks to use his knowledge and experience to help people build a better future. He loves playing sports and new challenges.


Kathy Lin
Project Lead

Kathy is a second year Civil Engineering student with eager expectations to make a difference by serving others. She loves jam sessions, the outdoors, and meaningful conversations.


Marcel Gamon
Sponsorship Lead

Marcel is in his fourth year of Civil Engineering with an option in Management Sciences and Environmental Engineering. When he's not training his passion of parkour and cycling, he's snuggled up with a book.


Dylan Carroll
Finance Lead

Dylan is in the Civil Engineering class of 2019 graduate. He hopes to promote non-profit organizations, loves sports, being with friends, spending time with family and God.


Hanna Yu
Fundraising Lead

Hannah is a fun-loving world-traveller and idea generator. Moreover, Hannah is a Civil Engineering student who contributed her effort to the fundraising and design team.

Alejandra Alfaro

Alejandra Alfaro
Media Lead

Alejandra is an Honours English and Fine Arts student who enjoys design, languages, and is often found with her head in a book. She likes the experience ofworld changing motifs, and thus cannot wait to be part of UW B2P! She also loves chocolate.


Arthur Li
Mentor, Bridge Ambassador

Arthur loves to eat food, especially his favourite kind: mangos. He is in his fourth year of Civil Engineering, and when he's not eating, can be found playing volleyball and tennis!

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Marianne Joy Baucas
Mentor, Former Finance Lead

Marianne is entering her fourth year of Civil Engineering, and enjoys watching dramas, making handmade crafts and singing her favorite tunes while playing her guitar.

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Dilan Badshah
Mentor, Former Team Lead

A fourth year Civil Engineering student, Dilan's interest are in construction and building a better world.


Chloe Edwards
Technical Lead & Events Coord

With her enthusiasm for creativity and civil engineering, Chloe is excited to make a change through developing safe infrastructure. As a 2nd year civil engineer, she is always looking to learn, travel, and make a difference.


Ashik Varghese
QA/QC Lead

Ashik is a second year Civil Engineering student who wants to make a difference. He aspires to use his knowledge, experience and skills to help those in need. Also, he likes pizza.


Thomas Chan
Construction Lead

Thomas is a second year Civil Engineering student with a passion for sports, and for giving back. When not on the court he is spending time with friends, embarking on new opportunities and making people laugh.

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Alicia Chin
Social Media Coordinator

Alicia is a fourth year Honours English major who is known for her clever comebacks and love of books. When she's not reading or blogging about her reads, she's eating tacos at the speed of light.


Monika Das
Media Design Coordinator

Monika is a first year Civil Engineering student who loves travelling, shopping, art, and anything sweet!

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Marc Johnson
Safety Lead

Marc is studying in his fourth year of Civil Engineering with an option in Management Sciences. In his spare time, he can be found at the gym, playing Ultimate Frisbee, or cooking up something tasty!
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Grace Lee
Website Manager

Grace is in her fourth year of Civil Engineering with an option in Environmental Engineering. She is always on the hunt for four-leaf clovers, and she loves rollerblading, physics and art.

A-Stream Chapter Members


Matt Roberts
Team Lead

Matt is in his third year in Civil Engineering and can't wait to start doing work for UW B2P!


YiFei Sun
Project Lead

YiFei is studying Civil Engineering, and is excited to work with UW B2P!


Kinza Rias
Events Coordinator

Kinza Riaz is in her first year engineering student who loves to travel. When she's not immersed in another culture, she's strolling in a museum, reading a book, or watching a Wes Anderson film.


Marlene Marzook
Media Lead

Marlene is a Civil Engineering student with a passion for trying new things and meeting new people. She also likes oranges and drawing.


Kadin Choi
Finance Lead

Kadin is a third-year Civil Engineering student looking to use his education to benefit others. He enjoys jamming out with all kinds of instruments and running.


Lav Chaudhary
Sponsorship Lead

Lav is studying Civil Engineering, and is excited to work with UW B2P!


Kyle Psiuk
Sponsorship Coordinator

Kyle is studying Civil Engineering, and is excited to work with UW B2P!


Audrey Tam
Sponsorship Coordinator

Audrey is in her first year of Civil Engineering. In her spare time, she enjoys reading classic literature and studying insects.


Kelvin Chen
Social Media Coordinator

Kelvin is studying Civil Engineering, and is excited to work with UW B2P!


Ben Ho
Media Design Coordinator

Ben Ho is a first year Civil Engineering student who enjoys design, cooking/eating, and listening to music. He loves listening to jokes and will laugh at them no matter how cheesy they are.


Debbie Fann
Fundraising Coordinator

Debbie is in first year Civil Engineering and she enjoys drawing, reading, and playing classical piano pieces.


Daniel Zhou
Fundraising Coordinator

Daniel is a first year civil engineering student who always enjoys learning new things, In his spare time, he enjoys playing badminton, video games, and hanging out with friends.

External Members

Dr. Walbridge

Dr. Chris Bachman
Faculty Advisor

Dr. Bachmann's main interests are transportation and economics! He is now teaching as a Civil and Environmetal Engineering assistant professor.


Maria Krug
B2P Unversity Ambassador

Maria is a civil engineer at Whitman, Requardt & Associates in Baltimore, MD. As a graduate of the University of Notre Dame B2P chapter, she's thrilled to use her experience in Nicaragua & passion for engineering development to mentor the Waterloo team.

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Patrice Grenier, P.Eng., M.Eng.
Technical and Travel Mentor

Patrice is a senior bridge engineer specialized in structural inspection. After 10 years of inspecting bridges across the US and Québec for engineering firms, he is now in charge of the Bridge Maintenance Program for Hydro-Québec, the Province's power company.

Division by Team

Building a bridge is nothing short of easy. They must be durable to withstand harsh climates/conditions, strong to hold heavy loads, have a high life expectancy, and be designed to minimize maintenance costs. This is where the project team comes in! These talented and incisive students put their engineering knowledge to the test and are meticulous when it comes to ensuring the durability, strength, and longevity of the bridge. Once complete, the project team will have devoted many hours to the design and construction of the bridge. The project team not only deals with the design of the footbridge, but also create the TAB (Technical Advisory Board within the B2P international organization) reports, and arrange the food, lodging and transportation during the trip.

The Finance Team is responsible for raising money for the chapter and managing the chapter's budget. These outgoing students run events, like bottle drives and 50/50 events, so the chapter can fund the associated costs of the bridge. The team doesn’t just raise money through fundraising events; they are also responsible for acquiring corporate sponsors. They are the first point of contact for potential sponsors, and they manage the fulfillment of the benefits for sponsors.

The Media Team is responsible for promoting our chapter, and raising awareness of our goals and the work we do. Creating brochures, writing content, and talking to the media are only a few of the many tasks that keep this group running. Creativity is key, and these inventive students are constantly looking for innovative methods to gain positive chapter exposure. They also take care of any online logistics such as managing the UW B2P Twitter, the UW B2P blog and the UW B2P website. You wouldn’t be able to read any of this right now without them!
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