UW B2P is working with the Chiaraque community to help build a footbridge to access hospitals, schools, and markets! For details, please see our Chiaraque project page.

UW B2P now has a presence on campus all-year round! With the expansion to A-stream, when one team is on co-op, the other is studying at Waterloo. For details and members, see Our Team.

The University of Waterloo Bridges to Prosperity (UW B2P) is a student run chapter under the international, non-profit organization, Bridges to Prosperity. Founded in September 2013 by a group of passionate students, we are the first university chapter in Canada.  

For detailed and frequent updates, please visit our blog at http://uwb2p.wordpress.com/.

Any general questions can be emailed to b2p@uwaterloo.ca.

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